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The Trial Course is laid out with gate, race, bridge and pen representing the obstacles the sheep dog encounters in his daily work. 15 minutes are allowed to complete the Trial. Each competitor starts with 100 points, some of which are deducted for errors by the dog and the worker, or obstacles not negotiated. Should the dog cross between the sheep and the worker he is deemed to be out of control and is disqualified.

The cast, lift and draw represent the muster and delivery of the sheep.

In a good cast, the dog should go wide (either left or right) and not stop until it is behind the sheep or on a point of balance where it can move the sheep and bring them in a reasonably straight line to the worker.

The worker then walks up the arena in a straight line indicated by the flags, and ideally, the dog should keep the sheep close to the worker within an area 7-8 meters wide.

The worker is allowed to stop at the top end large flag and the sheep must be taken to the right of this flag. Should the sheep go to left side of the flag they must be "unwound". The worker then proceeds to the race where he stands in a ring 3 meters to the side of the race entrance and remains there until the sheep have cleared the obstacle. To negotiate the race and the bridge the dog must not only "cover" the sheep to stop them escaping, but "force" them in the right direction. Usually it is with these obstacles that the sheep find any weaknesses in the dog's working of them.

When the bridge has been cleared the worker walks in a straight line to the pen and the trial is not completed until the gate is closed.

Points are deducted when the sheep are off course or escape, or when the judge considers the dog is not working, the dog turns tail, or the worker wanders off course or stops to assist the dog.

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